burnout girl (natashanogoodnk) wrote in bayarearoomies,
burnout girl

A room! a kitchen! internet!

I'm trying to move to San Francisco in September from West Marin and am having a devil of a time finding a room to rent.

So... I'm wondering if anyone on here is looking to fill a vacant spot in their apartment. I'm finishing one AmeriCorps internship, soon to start another, and I've figured that my budget is $600/month, preferably less, but I can possibly squeeze it up a bit. I can provide a credit check and a reference.

About myself:
I'm female, mid-twenties, from the Chicago area. I'm friendly, fairly outgoing, and a social drinker. I don't smoke, don't have pets, but am okay living with an outside smoker and/or animals. I eat meat but I have no problem keeping vegetarian in the house. I'm neither a neat freak nor a slob.

What I hope to find:
I'm not terribly picky. The minimum stay I'm looking for is 4 months. An option to stay longer would be awesome if I was accepted into the household and if it were available. The earliest I can move in would be Sept 1st, the latest Oct 1st (well, honestly I could probably stretch my current situation out even longer if I had to). The genders, sexual orientations, ages, and numbers of individuals living in the place don't matter to me. I like to cook so I'd like a place with a kitchen. Internet access would be awesome, but not necessary.

I'm looking anywhere in the city except south of the Mission District. This is only because in January I will be working in the Presidio and I don't want that long of a bus/bike ride.

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